About the club

The Connoisseur Club with the tagline ‘Gourmets Rendezvous’ is meant for the budding chefs of the BHM programme, to hone their skills in Food Production department.

The blog

The aim of the blog is to inculcate the young aspirants, an ability to research and share knowledge at different levels of the food production repertoire. The blog will be a source of reference to the students and faculties on various food production topics.

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Upcoming Events

Events of 2019

Activities of the club

  • Hors d’ oeuvre – Individual event
  • Ethnic Cuisine – Team event
  • Payasam – Team event
  • Gastro Uno – Individual event
  • Boulangere – Team event
  • Connaissance – Annual Quiz
  • La Bataille – Quarterly Quiz conducted by the students.
  • Le chef creatif – Team Event

Various activities are conducted by the club during an academic year. Hors d’ oeuvre, Payasam, Gastro Uno, Boulangere, Le chef creatif are the cooking competitions whereas Connaissance and La Bataille are the quiz competitions.

Categories in the blog

  • Micro research guidelines – The guidelines & suggested topics for the research.
  • Event Schedule – List of the events conducted and the proposed events .
  • Teaching resource – Food Production practical related updates.
  • Assignments – The link to submit various assignments.
  • Connaissance Quizzes – Practise quiz are published here, this can be used by to refresh your memory about the various aspects of food production. General quiz, course wise quiz, culinary terms quiz are available here.